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Buddha Venkanna said the reason why Jagan got only 11 seats

Buddha Venkanna said the reason why Jagan got only 11 seatsBuddha Venkanna

Buddha Venkanna, a senior leader of Telugu Desam, has criticized YSR Congress Party chief and former Chief Minister YS Jaganmohan Reddy. They said that Jagan was defeated because of going to Amaravati. He was blamed for the destruction of Amaravati.

He spoke to reporters at the Vijayawada party office. Jagan was described as a psycho. He criticized that Jagan has once again proved that he is a psycho. He said that he did not allow the Amaravati region to grow as capital during his government and deliberately killed it.

Buddha Venkanna said that since that opportunity was not in the Legislative Council, he had also decided to cancel it. He commented that he could not dissolve the council according to the constitution. He reminded me that he was in the House as a council member at that time. He mentioned that seniors like C Ramachandraiah were present in the assembly along with him.

They said that at that time they had strength in the Legislative Council. Buddha Venkanna stated that they all together defeated the resolution in the Assembly to abolish Amaravati as the capital. He complained that YS Jagan is now saying that he has strength in the same Legislative Council.

Buddha Venkanna complained that Jagan worked with his eyes closed for five years. He said that if he had worked with his eyes open, he would have got at least the opposition status. He said that he ruled carelessly and that’s why people limited him to 11 seats. He said that five MLCs like C Ramachandraiah, Iqbal, Vamsikrishna Yadav, and others came out against Jagan.

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Buddha Venkanna said that Chandrababu, Pawan Kalyan, Nara Lokesh, and their family members were harassed by Jagan by filing many cases and people noticed all this for five years. He said that Chandrababu was fulfilling all his promises and that people would keep Jagan away from power forever.

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