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Buddha Venkanna Presenting Swami Bhakti!

Buddha Venkanna Presenting Swami Bhakti!

Buddha Venkanna: Telugu Desam Party cadres are exuding resounding confidence, believing that the alliance is poised to seize power in Andhra Pradesh. The party’s top brass is echoing this sentiment, boldly asserting that they will indeed form the government in collaboration with the BJP and Jana Sena Party. Amidst the concerted efforts towards government formation, there’s a concurrent tumult brewing within the TDP, specifically surrounding Nara Lokesh.

Buddha Venkanna, a stalwart loyalist of the TDP, has fervently demanded that Lokesh be appointed as the TDP president without delay. “The incumbent president, Atchannaidu, has performed admirably. He will be duly rewarded with a cabinet position once the alliance assumes power. Consequently, Nara Lokesh must assume the mantle of TDP president.”

Venkanna emphasized that Lokesh’s leadership prowess has been steadily on the rise, reaching its zenith with the Yuvagalam Padayatra. He asserted that once Lokesh assumes the role of party president, the TDP will have a clear path ahead for the next 30 years, without needing to glance backward.

While it has long been understood that Lokesh is destined to lead the party and assume the role of party president, the swift commencement of internal preparations within the TDP for this transition may signify a dynamic shift within the party’s landscape.

Since 2014, Lokesh has functioned as the behind-the-scenes operator of the TDP, orchestrating coordination with top leaders and cadres while Naidu handled administrative duties. With a decade of experience, Lokesh’s ascension to TDP president appears imminent. Buddha Venkanna’s recent endorsement underscores the growing sentiment within the party for Lokesh’s leadership role, hinting at a potential surge in support. This groundswell of backing could quickly evolve into a significant movement within the party ranks, potentially heralding a dynamic shift in TDP’s leadership landscape.

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He expressed a desire for Chandrababu‘s swearing-in ceremony as Chief Minister and Nara Lokesh’s assumption of duties as party president to coincide on the same day.

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