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AP Politics: MLA Pawan Kalyan versus Dy CM Vanga Geetha in the Pithapuram scene

AP Politics: MLA Pawan Kalyan versus Dy CM Vanga Geetha

AP Politics: Pithapuram emerges as the epicenter of electoral excitement within Andhra Pradesh, capturing the collective attention with its pulsating political dynamics. At the heart of this electoral fervor lies the formidable presence of Pawan Kalyan, injecting a potent dose of star power into the contest. Yet, he’s not alone in the race. Vanga Geetha, bolstered by the patronage of Jagan, stands as a formidable opponent, amplifying the stakes of this assembly constituency to unprecedented levels.

The electoral landscape of Pithapuram is a theater where personalities clash, ideologies collide, and aspirations converge. Each candidate brings with them a unique narrative, weaving a tapestry of promises, visions, and aspirations for the future of the constituency. Pawan Kalyan, with his charisma and mass appeal, symbolizes a beacon of hope for many, promising change and transformation. On the other hand, Vanga Geetha represents the entrenched establishment, backed by the formidable political machinery of Jagan, vying to maintain its stronghold over the region.

There’s an exciting atmosphere in the constituency as people wait to see the results of the assembly election. -AP Politics

MLA Pawan Kalyan versus Dy CM Vanga Geetha

Some JSP supporters are taking the initiative so much so that they are using nameplates and number plates on their vehicles bearing the name of Pithapuram MLA Pawan Kalyan. These plates have been attractive in the visual sphere ever since their photos appeared on social media.

Conversely, the YCP group is demonstrating that they are equally important. Their vehicles are adorned with stickers that read Deputy CM Vanga Geetha. This is consistent with CM Jagan’s pledge to appoint Vanga Geetha as the deputy chief minister of Andhra Pradesh in the event of her victory over Pithapuram.

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Both parties are tremendously excited about their election victories, which has resulted in the sticker and nameplate battle. Pithapuram’s political environment is reminiscent of a high-flying political thriller film, with plenty of action taking place.

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