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AP News: Has Jagan got the status of opposition leader?

AP News Has Jagan got the status of opposition leader

AP News: YCP won only 11 seats in the AP elections. 18 seats are required to get opposition status. Recently, Jagan took oath as an MLA in the House. After CM Chandrababu and the ministers. Jagan wrote a letter to the Speaker. He objected that it was decided in advance not to give him the status of Leader of the Opposition. Minister Payyavula explained his position on Jagan’s letter.

With Jagan’s letter

Many ministers have responded to Jagan’s letter to the Speaker regarding his status as the Leader of the Opposition. Now officially Minister of Legislative Affairs Payyavula Keshav has made key comments. They said that it was not them who deprived Jagan of opposition status, but the people did not give it to him. He suggested to Jagan appointing good advisors. Payyavula Keshav reminded me that as mentioned in Jagan’s letter, P Janardhan Reddy has the status of CLP leader in the joint AP Sabha… He does not have the status of opposition leader.
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Keshav decide

Keshav commented that Jagan misled the people who voted for him. He said that Congress did not get opposition status in Lok Sabha till 2014-2019 and 2019-2024. Keshav explained that now the Congress has got that status. He said that YCP will also have to fight for ten years to get opposition status. He said that in the past, no matter which party the members of the House belonged to, they were only recognized as the leader of the party. Even if there is a three-party coalition government now, it has been made clear that the three parties will have a legislative party leader. -AP News

It’s like he doesn’t have the status of Leader of the Opposition

He also said that Jagan will continue as the leader of his party. Payyavula said that Jagan will not get the status of the Leader of Opposition as per the Assembly rules. It is not right to write letters to threaten the Speaker. I don’t know who advised Jagan to write the letter. “Jagan is unable to digest the people’s verdict. He suggested that Jagan should read the rule book. In neighboring Telangana, Jagan’s friend KCR did not give Congress the status of opposition at that time. Now with Keshav’s announcement, it is clear that Jagan will not get the status of Leader of Opposition as he wants. And… The decision has to be clear.

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