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AP Cabinet Meeting: Positive news for AP inhabitants. approval of major decisions in the first cabinet meeting

AP Cabinet Meeting Positive news for AP inhabitantsAP Cabinet Meeting

AP Cabinet Meeting: CM Nara Chandrababu Naidu’s first meeting of the AP Cabinet is now over. The duration of the cabinet meeting was approximately three and a half hours. During the inaugural Cabinet meeting, the Cabinet adopted a number of important decisions. Following his appointment as Chief Minister, Chandrababu Naidu signed five files, which were approved by the AP Cabinet. The revocation of the Land Titling Act, the increase in social security pensions to Rs. 4,000, the creation of skill calculation files, the canteen establishment, and the mega DSC were all signed by Chandrababu.

During the cabinet meeting on Monday, which lasted for three and a half hours, several key issues were discussed. The Andhra Pradesh Cabinet approved the Mega DSC initiative, pension increases, the cancellation of the land titling act, the establishment of canteens, and the implementation of a skill census. Additionally, the Cabinet decided to restore the original name of YSR Health University to NTR Health University. As part of the Mega DSC initiative, 16,437 positions will be filled by December 10, with the recruitment process commencing on July 1.

AP Cabinet Meeting

Additionally, the Social Security Pensions have been increased to Rs. 4,000. In July, the arrears for April, May, and June will be disbursed, totaling Rs. 7,000 in pension payments. The Cabinet also resolved to rename YSR Health University back to NTR Health University. Previously, the name had been changed from NTR Health University to YSR Health University during the YCP government. However, the newly elected TDP coalition government has decided to reinstate the name of NTR Health University.

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On the other hand, Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu held a meeting with the ministers following the Cabinet session. This time, 17 individuals assumed their roles as ministers for the first time, many of whom were also first-time MLAs. In this context, CM Chandrababu reportedly briefed them on departmental management and the government’s priorities.

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